Xtuner T1 OBD2 Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner

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Xtuner T1 is new Heavy-duty PC-to-vehicle diagnostic interface compatible with multiple software applications, it is available to diagnose most of heavy-duty truck for minimizing your investment in multiple brand-specific diagnostic interface.

Top 10 Reasons to Get XTUNER T1 High Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool

1. Covered truck brands (27 types) and models 2. Supports a wide range of languages and currently supports 22 languages 3. Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Operation test and Special function. 4. Supports J1939, J1708 and J1587 protocols 5. Supply USB and WIFI connection for the VCI. 6. Present OBD2 and 10 other connectors 7. Software support updates and can run on most computers (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) 8. Very easy to use with touch screen control and intuitive control in the windows. 9. The hardware runs stably with built-in overvoltage protection to avoid hardware damage due to voltage instability and good operation in low and high temperature environments. 10. Compared to the repair shop, compared with similar products, cost-effective

Supports 22 Multi-languages

English,Japanese,German,Russian,French,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Polish,Turkish,Dutch,Hungarian,Korean,Czech,Arabic,Indonesian,Persian,Thai,Vietnamese,Finnish,Swedish,Romanian, more language will release later.

Electronic Control System



1.Input website: http://www.idutex.com/html-e/support.html 2.Download Client Software and install on your windows PC

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