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Product Description
 F502 is a small heavey vehicle code reader, which researched and developed by Fcar. It is with LCD true color display and can support heavy duty truck standard protocols. With high quality and good performance, this code reader can enable vehicle technicians to diagnose heavy duty trucks more easily and quickly. The  micro tool is widely used in various  maintenance companies, auto manufacturers, repair stations, petrol engine manufacturers and energy-based enterprises etc.

◆Support vehicles that compatible with standard protocol of heavy-duty trucks (J1939 and J1708).
◆Read DTC
◆Support ECU of vehicles like CUMMINS ,Bosch, DELPHI
◆Be connected to OBD16 via diesel 6PIN and diesel 9PIN

Diagnostic Protocol
◆J1587 Test        ◆J1939 Test


◆Engine #1◆Turbocharger◆Transmission◆Axle, Power Unit
◆Axle, Trailer◆Brakes, Power Unit◆Brakes, Trailer #1◆Instrument Cluster
◆Trip Recorder…………
Product Parameters
Screen size  2.8 inch  320×240  LCD
Work voltage8V ~ 32V
Work current Typical value <100mA
Connection method Standard 16-PIN OBD diagnostic connector
Working temperature 0℃~ 50℃
Storage environment temperature-20℃~70℃
Relative humidity 60%
Product size(mm)123×88×27
 Product ID:  
Product ID Type: UPS
Weight of the main unit280g

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